LG Top fridge ref352sv

  • Brand: LG
  • Model: Ref352sv
  • LED Lighting
  • Non breakable handle
  • Direct cooling
  • Moist balance crisper box
  • Capacity: 350litre
  • power outage: over 48hrs
  • Adjustable slide out glass
  • Anti rust body

NGN395,000.00 NGN400,000.00

LG Top fridge ref352sv is a very good product used both in commercial and domestic use. It is very efficient and durable. It has become family choice due to the special quality it has.
100 hours Freeze Capacity The 100-hours freezing capacity makes freezer content stay frozen for 100 hours even after a power outage, which makes life convenient and stress-free.
Anti Rust Protected The body of the freezer unit is zinc coated, which protects the freezer from rust. Low Noise Operation The low noise operation helps maintain a quieter environment.7mm Insulation Thickness The thick insulation will ensure better cooling retention during long hours of power cuts.

Super Freezing Function Makes compressor work efficiently and increases its lifespan. LG top fridge is reliable and very good for both home and office used. it has a steady temperature, temperature in every time is core indicator of freshness. LINEAR Cooling makes temperature fluctuation within 0.5C. LG DoorCooling makes inside temperature more even and cool 35 quicker than the conventional cooling system.

It significantly reduces the temperature gap between the inner part and the door side of the compartment. Excess moisture from food evaporates and then condenses on the lattice, thus maintaining the right balance of moisture in the box up to 20% more. You can easily take out and move the ice tray whenever you need more freezer space.
This wonderfully designed refrigerator of 350 litres capacity is fully equipped with various healthy features to help store your food without any health hazards. This refrigerator comes with amazing top Freezer, Frost, One Time Twist Ice Tray, Moist Balance Crisper, Fast Ice Making In Specially Designed Ice Tray and Wire.

Adjustable slide-out glass shelves provide storage flexibility and ease of use –benefits every customer appreciate Interior Lighting, Interior lighting provides greater visibility. Freezer dome light distributes light evenly in the freezer compartment.Triple Ice TrayThe triple ice tray ensures cubed iceis readily available andconveniently stored.Reversible DoorThe doors on the refrigerator can easily be reversed to suit the design of your kitchen.
It also have high power outage, the power outage for LG Ref352sv is over 48hour after when the light cutt off

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