• Pure sine wave UPS output
  • Wide choice of panel: up to 1000w
  • Output for both AC as well as DC.
  • Battery safety protections
  • Voltage : 230V, 50Hz
  • Battery charging commences at 110Volt mains voltage

NGN165,000.00 NGN170,000.00

Luminous Solar 1500VA/24v is a hybrid inverter with 40 Amp inbuilt charge Controller. The Solar Inverter charges the battery from grid and Solar panel both. If Sun energy is available then It charges the battery from solar Panel and if Solar is not available, then the inverter charges the battery from Mains/Grid.

Luminous Solar Hybrid UPS is a microcontroller based Pure Sine Wave hybrid UPS with high efficiency. It accepts hybrid charging from both solar and mains with priority to solar. Luminous Solar Home UPS have all the required protection against high temperatures, short circuit and overloading. It ensures lower battery charging time and maximum solar utilization. Luminous Solar UPS are available in the range of 850VA & 1500VA with inbuilt Charge Controllers with a wide choice of PV modules from 400Wp to 1000Wp.

luminous solar nxg is ups for home which can run both AC & DC loads, also built-in intelligence to maximize use of solar power , it consist of in-built heavy duty solar charger with maximum solar current of 40Amps. it has load performance factor of 0.6 to 0.8 for resistive loads at optimum battery voltage. DC loads performance up to 12V/20A-2(1100VA) & 12V/5A(1500VA). And also support up to 1000wp solar panels.

The protection factors is very nice because it protect short circuit, battery deep discharge, overloading and over temperature. It also have pre-alarm for low battery and also alarm for overloading, short circuit and faults. it have display indications on mains available, solar charging, Grid charging, power saving, service assistance, Eco mode, overloading and even when the battery is low.

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