Tall Tubular Battery NRGT 2220RF

Capacity:    220 Ah

Voltage input :  12V

Backup time ( in hrs and mins)   4:15

Supported UPS (VA rating):    600VA–10 KVA

Dry weight  (5%kg):     67.5

Filled weight (5%kg):   70

NGN355,000.00 NGN360,000.00

The Luminous NRGT 2220RF Tall Tubular Battery is designed for extra power backup and extra life and proudly marked so.

The Luminous brand of inverters and batteries has been in Nigeria for decades now and products have been continually redeveloped to meet the peculiar challenges of our environment. For batteries, one of the troubling challenges is the poor public power supply, which implies that batteries are pushed to work for far longer hours and often discharged deep. Added to this challenge is that batteries are hardly adequately charged, due to paucity of power supply. The result is often shorter-than-expected product cycle life.

One sure way to walk your way out of short battery life is to go for the tubular battery technology, already well-proven to deliver better battery life and much greater value for money.
The tubular Luminous battery is the most reliable and the best battery due to is series of features that is have, and also one of the leading brands. Luminous is about the oldest and still a leader. If you want proven quality, the Luminous NRGT 220Ah/12V battery is where to put your money.

Check these features of the Luminous BRGT 220Ah Tubular battery:
High performance positive plates made with Advanced Automatic wet filling process to ensure high surface area & consistent paste density throughout the plates. Spines made with Special alloy composition & HADI high pressure die casting machines to ensure defect free Casting with high corrosion resistance.
Extra Tall containers to store 30% more electrolyte to ensure less frequent water topping.
Less electrical resistance, High oxidation resistance, high porosity, High charging efficiency.
Optimally porous ceramic level indicator suppress water loss & promote safety along with cleanliness reducing water topping frequency.
Environment friendly and safer as it emits less fumes and absolutely low maintenance.
The bottom-line here is reliability, high performance and long product life, all key for your power backup system.

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