8.5kva tec generator

  • Brand Thermocool
  • 100% Copper Coil
  • low noise while working
  • voltage 230v-5oHz
  • Remote start Yes
  • Fuel tank capacity 25L
  • smart choke Yes
  • Highly sensitive Circuit Breaker (AVR)

NGN985,000.00 NGN1,000,000.00

Keep your home and office appliances operating as normal even when there is power outage by having Haier Thermocool generator it is a reliable performance at all times. Power your home with dependable Haier Thermocool Tec generators that come with enhanced features for ensuring ease of use and efficient operation.

The Haier Thermocool generators have high power engines that deliver effective performance for long periods.

They come with automatic voltage regulators so you are assured of a steady flow of power without undue fluctuations. The 8.45kva tec generator is built to be strong for the use of all purpose. is a gasoline generator, its a remote control generator for convenient starting up, it have fuel cap guage for effective fuel management and big  with 100% copper.  8.45kVA Generator its a Single phase petrol generator that has 4 stroke and OHV , also consist of  forced air cooled that helps cooling the engine while working, Enjoy the convenience starting your generator from the comfort of your room with our remote control starting option. Our remote control has a 25m-to-40m range.

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)AVR ensure steady power output from your generator by minimising power fluctuations. This protects the life of your appliances. All TEC generators from the smallest to the biggest have AVR in them. Suitable for very heavy loads. E.g. lightings, TV, Fans, Fridge, Freezer and big ACs. it has smart choke for easy remote start.

It came with  Engine Oil Alert  and Lamp Fuel, low  Noise Leve while working, it consist of  High powered engine and  25litres fuel tank capacity, also have Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) with Highly sensitive Circuit Breaker.

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