Maxi Quality Water Dispenser | MAXI WD 1663


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MAXI products are considered safe to use anywhere, their products are sure to serve its user with a defined purpose and they always come at an affordable price.

MAXI presents you the Maxi Quality W1663 Water Dispenser with 3 faucets that is easy to use, efficient and durable too. It is user friendly and exceptionally styled built to compliment your home and office.

This water dispenser is energy saving and cost-effective as it consumes less power and saves you a lot of money. The Maxi W1663 Quality Water Dispenser is a must have for every home and office as a safeguard the health of yourself and your family.

It features a HIGH QUALITY STEEL WATER TANK that provide you with safe and clean drinking water all day long. With the durability of the stainless steel you can be sure that the Maxi Water Dispenser would last for a very long time.

The steel is also anti rust and germ resistant so there is no fear of seeing particles or metal rust in your water.

The Maxi W1663 Quality Water Dispenser offers you clean water from its POLISHED BODY FINISHING DESIGN that comes in a CLASSIC BLACK COLOUR. You not only get to drink healthy, you also get to live in style with this classic water dispenser.

It also comes with 3 FAUCETS (HOT, COLD AND NEUTRAL) that helps you to differentiate hot from cold and neutral when you press it. And it is capable of offering you not only chilled but sterilized water that is certain to quench your thirst.

The Maxi W1663 Quality Water Dispenser  features EASY TO USE PUSH TAP BUTTONS that readily dispense water for your morning coffee or tea.

With a light press on the tap button you get to make your early morning tea or coffee as it easily dispenses you with stable chilled and hot water when it is plugged to the wall outlet.

This water dispenser is designed with WORLD CLASS SAFETY FEATURES that makes it safe to use in your home, office, hotels, schools and other public places too. It has a hot water child safety lock that keeps your little ones from being burned accidentally.

The Maxi W1663 Quality Water Dispenser comes with a removable drip tray that makes it easier for you to clean out. It also has a heating capacity of 450W and the cooling capacity of up to 50°c.

It features Automatic Temperature Control from hot to cold water and a Stylish Double Door. Designed with a Low Noise Technology that ensures nothing disturbs you when you are at home or the office.



Main features:

  • High quality steel water tanks that gives you safe and clean water for drinking.
  • Polished body finishing design that comes in Black color.
  • 3 Faucet (Hot, Cold & Neutral) to easily separate hot from cold and neutral water.
  • Easy to use push tap that readily dispenses water for your morning coffee.
  • Inbuilt Cabinet
  • World Class Safety Features.

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