Thermocool freezer htf-319L.

  • Up to 50% Energy Saving
  • Inverter Technology
  • 5 Sides Fast Freezer
  • High Freezing Speed
  • 100 Hours Frost Retention
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • 3 Years Warranty

NGN545,000.00 NGN550,000.00

Haier Thermocool’s energy efficient freezer with superior inverter technology enables saving of up to 50% energy and money and the large storage capacity enables you do bulk purchase without worries about wastage. Enjoy peace of mind with Nigeria’s No.1 Freeze Master.
This Haier Thermocool Inverter Chest Freezer is a reliable high top freezer that offers you high performance in freezing your food items to keep them fresh. It has an efficient super freezing function that freezes everything in it so fast that even when there is blackout, it still stays cool and this way it gets to preserve your perishable food items for a very long time. The freezer provides adequate storage space for lots of items to be stored as it is built to enable you store large quantities of perishable and non-perishale items. You do not need to shop regularly, when you store food in this freezer as it will retain its natural taste and freshness.

The Chest freezer is energy-efficient and super-fast cooling is done in minimal time which in turn leads to low power consumption. This Haier Thermocool Freezer has a tropicalized system design with a multi-airflow feature that gives balanced cooling throughout the freezer and is so easy to access your stored food when you take your time in arranging it.
Inverter Chest Freezer with Up To 50% Energy SavingPower-saving technology making the product more energy-saving by cutting energy consumption by half versus any regular freezer.

100 Hours Frost Retention
Built with thick insulation with high-pressure micro foaming that keeps food frozen up to 100 hours after a power outage.

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