LG Bottom Fridge Ref269s – 230L

  • Double door refrigerator
  • Bottom Freezer
  • Linear Compressor
  • Lock and Key
  • colour: platinum silver3
  • quantity of the item sold : 10Pcs
  • cooling retention over 48h
  • capacity : 230 litre
  • voltage: 230V~5OHz


NGN670,000.00 NGN675,000.00

LG is a very good product used both in commercial and domestic use .It is very efficient and durable .It has become family choice due to the special quality it has.
100 hours Freeze Capacity The 100-hours freezing capacity makes freezer content stay frozen for 100 hours even after a power outage, which makes life convenient and stress-free.
Anti Rust Protected The body of the freezer unit is zinc coated, which protects the freezer from rust.
Low Noise Operation The low noise operation helps maintain a quieter environment.7mm Insulation Thickness The thick insulation will ensure better cooling retention during long hours of power cuts.
Super Freezing Function Makes compressor work efficiently and increases its lifespan.
LG Bottom fridge ref269S It is a double door fridge. It has a capacity of 230L.This double door fridge has a generous space and it has reversible doors.
The LG Two Door Refrigerator Bottom Freezer REF 269S has three glass shelves, a bottom freezer and three freezer boxes.As the saying goes, Health is wealth; keep food items, fruits and vegetable fresh and crisp in this Refrigerator at all times.
It has a cooling retention capacity of over 48hrs. LG Two Door Refrigerator Bottom Freezer REF 269S comes with a convenient lock and key. This is a smart initiative taken by LG manufacturers to always keep food safe from unwanted hands. Its mechanical control feature means that you can manually adjust the temperature settings to whichever suits your needs.

This wonderfully designed refrigerator of 227 litres gross capacity and 208 litres net capacity is fully equipped with various healthy features to help store your food without any health hazards. This refrigerator comes with amazing Bottom Freezer, Frost, One Time Twist Ice Tray, Moist Balance Crisper, Fast Ice Making In Specially Designed Ice Tray and Wire. The items in it will still be strongly freeze after hours of power outage. we have sold 7 pieces of this same product due to is high performancy working rate
And also the quatity of this item being sold is 10pcs, because of the high performancy working rate and also with the great features it has, and also have volume of 230 litre capacity.

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